Beauty Hacks of Alia Bhatt: These are the beauty hacks of Alia Bhatt who became a new mother, know here...


After Alia became a mother, the fans have gone crazy seeing her beauty and praising her by commenting a lot. This beauty of Alia Bhatt is natural. But she also resorts to beauty hacks to maintain it. So let's know what are the beauty hacks of Alia Bhatt.


Alia Bhatt applies Multani Mitti daily to keep her face glowing and free from any kind of blemishes. Alia makes the face glow with the help of natural things.

In an interview, Alia Bhatt told that whenever she has time, she applies honey mixed with papaya or orange powder on her face. Cleanses the face after 15 minutes. Along with this, Alia always keeps her face well moisturized. She never forgets to moisturize her skin no matter how busy she is.

Less makeup is also the secret of Alia Bhatt's glowing skin. Alia often gets spotted on camera without makeup. That's why she is a natural beauty. Alia Bhatt uses the cold compress technique to remove puffiness under the eyes. Puffy eyes can be removed with the help of ice.


Most importantly, Alia Bhatt never uses night cream on her skin. Alia Bhatt advised that the skin should be left overnight without applying anything so that the skin can breathe freely.

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